Green Energy is Going to Power the Future

As the world becomes more concerned with greenhouse gases and climate change you’re going to be hearing the term “green energy” a lot more often.  What is green energy and which sources of energy qualify as green?  If green energy is going to power the future how do we start changing from using fossil fuels to renewables starting now?

Green Energy is Going to Power the Future

Defining Green Energy

Green energy is energy that is produced with little or no impact on our environment.  Unlike coal, natural gas or oil which all have harmful byproducts and damage the local area during the extraction process, green energy does none of that.  It is both friendly to the local environment and it doesn’t generate any of the harmful carbon emissions which are causing climate change in our world today.

Sources of Green Energy

There are a number of sources of green energy that are being used today, for renewables there is solar, wind, geothermal,  and hydroelectric energy.  We also make use of biofuels in generating green energy and while it is not technically renewable it does not harm the environment in the way fossil fuels do.  Bio energy sources can include biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel.  We are also using biomass (waste products) as well for fuel.  Bear in mind that wood is technically a bioenergy product but it is not clean nor is it green, burning wood produce harmful by products.  Nuclear energy is considered by some to be a form of green energy but after the meltdown of Fukushima in Japan nuclear has come under fire by environmental groups.

Energy Conservation

Conservation is critical to the green energy movement.  Reduce, reuse and recycle is the mantra of environmental groups.  Minimizing the amount of waste and pollution we generate goes hand in hand with moving towards using strictly green energy.  Solar and wind are examples of our ability to generate power without creating waste or generating pollutants to be spewed into the environment.  Electricity can be generated using strictly green methods, and power generation companies can feed this electricity into the electric grids that power our homes.

Choosing to switch to green power helps you to reduce environmental pollution, lower your carbon footprint and do your part for climate change.  Green energy has gotten cheaper over the years and now switching to solar power has become affordable for the average home owner.  You can replace all energy generated by fossil fuels with green and renewable energy sources.